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Choose Yours
Choose the Wallet that best suits Your Style, whether on our Homepage or Online Store. Click on the Model you want to see and you will be able to see in detail all the information about it, from Price, How it Works, Shipping Information, etc.


Add to Cart
Click on Buy it Now to Add to the Cart where you can choose between Checkout or Choose a few more models to Add to Cart.


You will be redirected to the Checkout where you must start by filling in the Form with the Data for the Shipment of your Order. Select the Payment Method you prefer between PayPal or Credit Card.

As part of our commitment to making the DIN Wallets Shopping Experience Memorable, Shipping Costs are FREE and the Shipment is TRACKED in all Orders!

Portugal: 1-3 Business Days
Spain: 1-5 Business Days
United Kingdom: 1-7 Business Days
European Union: 1-7 Business Days
Rest of the World: 1-12 Business Days

All our orders are processed by CTT, through the Urgent Mail Service. This service provides for the packaging to be deposited in your mailbox, not requiring delivery by hand. You will be able to receive your order at the chosen address (home, work … but never at post office boxes), being the home address the best option.

The Comfort and Safety of our customers is our main priority. As such, we only work with the best partners to ensure that our entire offer in terms of payment methods is secure and uncomplicated.


Paypal payment is a secure method used worldwide.

By selecting this option, you will be redirected to the PayPal page where you must log in and proceed with the payment. DIN Wallets does not store any login data for the customer’s Paypal account.

Payment by Paypal is immediate.

Credit/Debit Card

To use your Visa / Mastercard to place the order, you must fill in the form indicating the necessary details of your Credit Card, namely the number, expiration date and security code of the same, and click on the button “Confirm Order” .

Once payment is made, the amount will be debited from the customer’s Credit Card account. The transaction will be reflected in your card statement after 2 business days from the date it was made.

Payment by Credit Card is immediate.

It is our intention to create an Experience of Excellence for our Clients. If you are not 100% Satisfied with your purchase, you can exchange / return your order without any problem

DIN Wallets accepts Exchanges / Returns within 15 days after delivery of the items.

This means that you will have to return the product, to our facilities, within 15 days after receiving your Order.

The Only Costs associated with this operation will be only those that you have to send us the Original Order back.

You can Exchange/Return your order by Clicking Here

It is in our greatest interest to create an excelent experience with our consumer. As such, all DIN Wallets are guaranteed for one year for Wooden Parts.

DIN Wallets guarantees that its Products are Free From Defects with regard to Materials and the respective Manufacturing Process during the period of one year from the original date of purchase.

– Normal use and product wear.
– Misuse, carelessness, accident, abuse or unusual use.
– Falls are not covered by the warranty – DIN Wallets products are as resistant as the impact resistance of natural wood.
– Use of products for a purpose other than intended.
– Products that have been modified or altered
– Natural changes in the wood, including variations in the grain, lines, discoloration and stains from regular use.
– Any product not produced by DIN Wallets, including, without limitation, any product used in connection with the brand’s products.

You can Claim your Warranty by Clicking Here


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