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  • Everything was pretty smooth! Made in Portugal with a very good quality! Congratz!

    Zé Pereira
  • It surpassed my expectations, that I confess were high!
    Very good wood with superb finishings!
    I recommend it without any doubt!

    Nuno Leite
  • So far 3 months have passed, and I am happy with the wallet’s performance. Until now the rubber band hasn’t loose and demonstrates quality, even if I remove all the cards, it still remains it’s original “strength”.The only thing I recommend is the addition of something in the bottom of the wallet to prevent the cards from falling (which never really happened).

    One more time I have to reinforce that I am pretty satisfied with DIN Wallets.

    Joaquim Silva
  • My Wengue Wallet just arrived. I have to highlight the excellent quality.
    Loved the detail of the packaging and the fact they also gave me a spare rubber band.
    The support was excellent and shipping was pretty fast!
    Kepp Rocking Guys!

    Nuno Alves
  • I truly recommend it! Product and service 5* 🙂 A Hug to Guilherme!

    André Lopes
  • Excellent Product. 5 Star quality. I use it everyday. Congratulations!

    André Figueiredo
  • Top! Only someone who has one understands! Super practical and stylish.

    Rui Miguel Carolo
  • I’ve been using mine for a month and it matches everything 🙂 Impeccable finishings, resistant and very useful. I did not carry all my cards with me because I didn’t like a traditional wallet, and now I can do it without any problem. Great Idea, Congratulations!

    Tiago Fernandes
  • From the personalized customer service to the delivery and the materials used, I don’t have anything to blame on it.

    Fábio Silva
  • I’ve got one and it makes a huge success where it passes, not just for the design and functionality but also because is light and different

    Miguel Povoa
  • Excellent material quality, neat finishing, pretty functional. Meets entirely my expectations.

    Pedro Eloi
  • I was impressed with DIN Wallets’ quality. Simple and very efective. Excelent post-sale service. Congratulations from the project.

    Ivan Caçador
  • An innovative concept and totally “Made in Portugal” which are, without a shadow of a doubt, important. The wallet arrived fast and surpassed my expectations. Easy to use and with a cutting edge Design. The Team is all impeccable, always attentive with the client. I recommend this wallet to everybody which, like myself, are tired of carrying a bulky wallet. 5*

    Filipe Santos
  • Goods with excellent quality and originality that always arouse someone’s curiosity.

    Fast Delivery and attention with the client.

    Ricardo Fernandes
  • Very pleasing to the eye, even better live, and, above it all, functional. The best part is that I will not break my cards anymore.

    Ricardo Gonçalves
  • Awesome. Very well packaged. The product is very practical and with a pretty simple Desing, neat and elegant!

    It’s even better than the pictures!

    PS: It also came with a very nice smell of burned wood.

    Lúcio Viralhadas
  • Practic and Minimalist, just like I wanted, and above it all is very well crafted. I recommend it!

    Duarte Vieira
  • Simple, practical and with a 5* appearance. The broken cards are over 🙂
    Thank You!

    Nelson Serrudo
  • Not just by the super fast delivery I am also delighted with the quality and originality. I bought one to offer and I am certain that will be a huge success! Congratulations!

    Claudia Teixeira
  • I’ve purchased my wallet in 2015 and I have to say that I’ve never been happier with a wallet. I only had to replace the rubber band and the wallet was good as new… Amazing. I can’t help to refer the solicitude and kindness on all the replies, both on the website or Facebook Page. 5 Stars indeed. I am considering a Custom Wallet for the future. Keep up with the excellent work!

    Gonçalo Carita
  • The treatment was excellent, the wallet arrived pretty fast and above it all, the product is fantastic! Congratulations!

    Catarina Medeiros
  • Just received my first DIN Wallet and those guys managed to surpass my expectations created by the pictures and reviews…Thank You, one more happy client here.

    Raimundo Ferreira
  • 5-star quality, super fast customer support, and, above it all it’s Portuguese!
    I recommend them!

    Ivo Ferreira
  • Excellent customer service, the order came fast and the quality of the product corresponds to the expectations!

    Filipe Freitas Pinto
  • This was what I was really looking for. Amazing Product and Excellent Communication. Congratulations!

    Marco Pinheiro
  • Website very well organized and with a very good user experience, the fact they added a “chat” to clarify doubts is phenomenal creating a very close and customized relationship!
    I recommend it:)

    Ruben Costa
  • Super light and practic wallet. I think is pretty functional carrying just the essential. The delivery was fast (took just 2/3 days). I recommend it, especially because is a product Made in Portugal =)

    Nuno Augusto
  • I’ve been having a great experience with your wallet.

    Super functional, resistant and doesn’t nag on the pocket.

    I am pretty satisfied with my purchase. The fact that I know you have a post-sale service leaves even safer!

    I recomend it!!!

    Ricardo Menezes
  • I acquired one recently and I recommend them. They are pretty neat.

    Rafael Silva
  • Excellent product and service. Minimalist but well built for the demand level! Congratulations!

    Diana de Araújo
  • Porduct of Excellence!
    The Wallet arrived in time and does exactly what it says.
    I will recommend it to everybody and I am considering a new pattern for the future! Keep up the good work!

    Rafael Familiar
  • He Loved the Wallet! Super Simple and so efficient… No more broken cards! Yei! Thanks! 😀

    Irís Disruptiva
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