“DIN Wallets specializes creating intricately laser-engraved wooden wallets, and the DIN Wood: Abstract is one of the brand’s best offerings…”

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“The Wall”

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4.9 Stars from 113 Facebook Reviews

The treatment was excelent, the wallet arrived pretty fast and above it all, the product is fantastic! Congratulations!

Catarina Medeiros

Everything was pretty smooth! Made in Portugal with a very good quality! Congratz!

Zé Pereira

It surpassed my expectations, that I confess were high!
Very good wood with superb finishings!
I recommend it without any doubt!

Nuno Leite

I’ve purchased my wallet in 2015 and I have to say that I’ve never been happier with a wallet. I only had to replace the rubber band and the wallet was good as new… Amazing.I can’t help to reffer the solicitude and kindness on all the replies, both on the website or Facebook Page. 5 Stars indeed.

I am considering a Custom Wallet for the future.
Keep up with the excelent work!

Gonçalo Carita

Excelent Product. 5 Star quality. I use it every day. Congratulations!

André Figueiredo

I acquired one recently and I recomend them. They are pretty neat.

Rafael Silva

This was what I was really looking for. Amazing Product and Excelent Comunication. Congratulations!

Marco Pinheiro

I’ve been having a great experience with your wallet.
Super functional, resistant and doesn’t nag on the pocket.
I am pretty satisfied with my purchase.The fact that I know you have a post-sale service leaves even more safe!
I recomend it!!!

Ricardo Menezes

I’ve been using mine for a month and it matches everything 🙂 Impecable finishings, resistante and very usefull. I did not carryed all my cards with me because I did not liked a traditional waller, and now I can do it without any problem. Great Idea, Congratulations!

Tiago Fernandes

From the personalized customer service, to the delivery and the materials used, anything to point it.

Fábio Silva

Excelent material quality, neat finishings, pretty funcional. Meets intirely my expectations.

Pedro Eloi

I was impressed with DIN Wallets’ quality. Simple and very efective. Excelent post-sale service. Congratulations from the project.

Ivan Caçador

A inovative concept and totally “Made in Portugal” wich is, without a shadow of a doubt, important. The wallet arrived fasta and surpassed my expectations. Easy to use and with a cutting edge Design. The Team is all impecable, always attentive with the client. I recomend this wallet to everybody which, like myself, are tired of carrying a bulky wallet. 5*

Filipe Santos

Goods with excelent quality and originality that always arouse someone’s curiosity.
Fast Delivery and attention with the client.

Ricardo Fernandes

Website very well organized and with a very good user experience, the fact they added a “chat” to clarify doubts is phenomenal creating a very close and customized relationship!
I recomend it 🙂

Ruben Costa

I trully recomend it! Product and service 5* 🙂 Hug to Guilherme!

André Lopes

Practic and Minimalist, just like I wanted, and above it all is very well crafted. I recommend it!

Duarte Vieira

I’ve got one wallet and it makes a huge success where it passes not just for the design and functionality but also because is light and different

Miguel Povoa

Simple, pratical and with a 5* appearence. The broken cards are over 🙂
Thank You!

Nelson Serrudo

So far 3 months have passed, and I am happy with the wallet’s performance. Until now the rubber band hasn’t loose and demonstrates quality, even if I remove all the cards, it still remains it’s original “strenght”.The only thing I recomend, is the adition of something in the bottom of the wallet to prevent the cards from falling (wich never really happened).

One more time I have to reinforce that I am pretty satisfied with DIN Wallets.

Joaquim Silva

Not just by the super fast delivery I am also delighted with the quality and originality. I bought one to offer and I am certain that will be a huge success! Congratulations!

Claudia Teixeira

Just recived my first DIN Wallet and those guys managed to surpass my expectations created by the pictures and reviews…Thank You, one more happy client here.

Raimundo Ferreira

Excelent product and service. Minimalist but well built for the demand level! Congratulations!

Diana de Araújo

Super light and practic wallet. I think is pretty funcional carrying just the essential. The delivery was fast (took just 2/3 days). I recommend it, specially because is a product Made in Portugal =)

Nuno Augusto

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