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With more than 350 5-Star Reviews between our Site, Facebook and Google, it’s no wonder that 97% of our Customers recommend DIN Wallets!

Our Commitment

We have a team dedicated to two things: Creating the Perfect Wallet for You, and providing You with an Incredible Shopping Experience… but well, is better if we let our Customers speak for themselves…

  • It was everything Easy and Fast! Made in Portugal and with a lot of Quality! Congratulations!

    Zé Pereira

  • Excellent Service and Product. Minimalist but well done for the Demands! Congratulations!

    Diana de Araújo

  • Super Light and Practical Wallet. I find it very Functional, taking only the Essentials. The Delivery was Fast (took about 2/3 days). I recommend it...

    Nuno Augusto

  • I just received my first DIN WALLET and they still managed to exceed all the expectations created by the photos and reviews.. Thanks! Another Satisfied Customer here!

    Raimundo Ferreira

  • From the Personalized Service, Delivery Time and used Material, with nothing to point out.

    Fábio Silva

  • I have a DIN Wallet and it's a huge success wherever it goes. Awesome Design and Functionality. It's Light and Different from traditional wallets.

    Miguel Póvoa

  • Excellent Product. 5 Star Quality. I use it every day. Congratulations!

    André Figueiredo

  • Top! Only those who have it Realize! Super Practical and Stylish.

    Rui Miguel Carolo

  • I really recommend it! Product and Service 5 * A hug to Guilherme!

    André Lopes

  • 5 Star Quality, Super Fast service and the best of all, National Product! Recommended!

    Ivo Ferreira

  • High Quality Wood with impressive Finishes!
    Definitely Recommend!

    Nuno Leite

  • Excellent Quality article, Original and that always arouses someone's curiosity. Fast Delivery and concern with the Customer.

    Ricardo Fernandes

  • I was impressed with the quality of DIN Wallets. Simple and very Functional. Excellent after-sales service. Congratulations on the project.

    Ivan Caçador

  • Excellent Material Quality, Good Finishes, very Functional. It totally met my expectations.

    Pedro Eloi

  • 5 * Excellent Quality Material !!
    Super Satisfied

    Mauro Cunha

  • Excellent work and 5 * service

    Andreia Oliveira

  • I really Recommend it! Product and Service 5 * 🙂 A hug to Guilherme!

    André Lopes

  • I usually use 5 cards and one or two notes. In my case, I never lost anything wich is the first question that I am asked when they see the Wallet ...

    Ivo Fernandes

  • Excellent Product. I highly recommend it to anyone who likes to be fashionable.

    David Pereira

  • I just bought my first DIN WALLET and it's Awesome. I strongly recommend it.

    Sérgio Edmundo

  • Congratulations, National Product, Build Quality and 5 * Sales Service.

    Pedro Santinho

  • It arrived on the island of Pico very fast and as you mentioned it comes in an envelope with a message to thank. Very Good!

    Marcelo Machado

  • Fast Service for both Ordering and Delivery. I really like the material and I am very happy with the final result.

    Márcio Menino

  • Very beautiful Wallets, with an Excellent Finish and High Quality Material. The service is the best there is 🙂

    Tiago Matos

  • A Wengue Wallet has just arrived here and I highlight the excellent quality.
    The customer service was very fast and good and the shipping was super fast, 2 days to receive.

    Nuno Alves

  • I already have mine! Recommended product, practical and with super fast delivery. I also need to mention the dedicated way in which the customer is treated. I recommend it!

    Frederico Medeiros

  • Mention should also be made of the readiness and kindness in the responses, either through the website or through Facebook. 5 stars without a doubt.

    Gonçalo Carita

  • The wallets, besides being beautiful, are very practical and a good alternative to the "wads" that are the traditional wallets.

    Sandro Garcia

  • It is impossible not to surrender to a DIN Wallet for a daily use and I enjoy knowing that the company continues to have the same values that it had at the time they were unknown.

    Gonçalo Santos

  • Fantastic ... I had Personalized one to offer ... And I loved it!

    Ana Azevedo

  • High Quality and Customizable product. The delivery was very fast as well as the execution of the order. Very close service, making the customer feel special!

    João Grilo

  • I bought a DIN Wallet 3 or 4 years ago ... to offer. He still uses it today! It supports many cards, notes, receipts ... A modern idea with Great Design!

    Filipa Magalhães

  • Spectacular. Very well Presented Packaging. The product is very Practical and with a Simple, Beautiful and Elegant Design!

    Lúcio Viralhadas

  • Very differentiated Product with Good Quality and Fast Delivery I recommend without a doubt.

    Jeison Fraga

  • The order has arrived and already has a Christmas label 🙂 Thank you this is Excellent 🙂

    Catarina Gandra

  • My wallet arrived today and I placed the order on Monday afternoon, very fast in delivery ! 5 star product 🙂

    Pedro Silva

  • I ordered a personalized wallet: a poem written by me. Guilherme volunteered to try to access my request and succeeded. The wallet was beautiful! I recommend it for the product, for the efficiency, speed and friendliness of the company's CEO.

    Joana Santos

  • I loved it! Super Original and Practical. Order well received. Thank you

    Ricardo Gonçalves

  • Functional, Small and Cool Wallets! 5 stars!

    André Vieira

  • Probably the best purchase of 2017. It changed the way I use wallets and cards ...

    Luís Miguel Rosa

  • 5 star quality, super fast service and best of all National product! Recommended!

    Ivo Ferreira

  • I love my DIN, I bought a custom one and everything went very well.
    It fits a lot and fits perfectly in your pocket.

    Rui Araújo

  • Excellent products!
    Excellent in communication!
    Everything perfect !!

    Rafael Cabral

  • I have had a good experience with your wallet. Super functional, resistant and does not bother in the pocket.

    Ricardo Menezes

  • Practical and minimalist as intended, in addition to the best built. I recommend!

    Duarte Vieira

  • It's here, super fast! The product is also fantastic and best of all, original.

    João Paulo da Silva

  • Flawless and quality work. Super fast shipping. I recommend and wait for other products made with the same idea!

    Amaro Cró

  • I did not always have the cards with me because I dislike traditional wallets, now I can do it without any problem. Great idea, congratulations!

    Tiago Fernandes

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