Are You Happy with Your Wallet?


We neither…

All Ideas start from a Problem. Ours was simple: The Conventional Wallet is too Complex!

This causes us to carry extra things with us every day, and then our wallet gets overcrowded, causing the pockets to be full of, basically nothing.

Based on this principle, we had to aks ourselves several questions: What does a man want from his Wallet? How many cards are Enough? Are coins essential?

We ended up developing a Compact Wallet, based on a Minimalist Design, without any unnecessary Details and Functionalities. They work with a Simple Opening System, which allows quick access to Cards and Notes.

A Love Story!

Although the opening system ensures that the Cards remain safe inside the Wallet, it was necessary to find a material that with little thickness was resistant to impact.

This is where one of the most iconic elements of DIN Wallets comes in: the Wood.

Inevitably we ended up falling in love with it and all the things related the craft of woodworking. Each piece is unique and deserves to be treated in a special way.

We have defined a process that mixes Manual Labor, carefully executed, with Precision Technology, which offers us the consistency necessary to guarantee a Product of Excellence!

If it’s not Perfect, it’s not Packed!!

We have defined a Standard of Excellence that requires us to improve every day because all the evolution of our products has always been based on feedback from hundreds of customers and, as such, we have made them our top priority!

Even today, we maintain an open dialogue with all our customers, at any time, seven days a week… We are in this together, because it was you who took us to the four corners of the world!

“... in addition to the Design and Functionality, it is Light and Different from traditional Wallets ...”

Miguel Póvoa

“Excellent Service and Product. Minimalist but well done for the demands! Congratulations!”

Diana de Araújo

“Flawless and Quality Work. Super fast Shipping. ”

Amaro Cró

“Packaging very well presented. The product is very Practical and with a Simple, Beautiful and Elegant Design! ”

Lúcio Viralhadas

“I have had a good experience with your Wallet. Super Functional, Resistant and doesn't bother you in your pocket. ”

Ricardo Menezes

Our Story

The Beginning of an Adventure
It all started with a Simple Idea that boiled in the head of a Young Designer (Guilherme Nunes) who decided to risk everything he had in search of a Dream: Create a Wallet focused on the Essential, designed for the Modern Man who, increasingly, lives in a world in constant movement.

The Next Step
Two years after the beginning of this journey, it was already possible to realize that DIN Wallets had a brutal acceptance by the market. Through a partnership with the IPCA, we were able to have access to Specialized Machinery, which allowed us to Create and Test new Concepts much easier.

Defining the Standards
As a result of organic growth, DIN Wallets managed to equip itself with all the necessary equipment so that the Product Development could be done in its own Workshop. This allowed all stages of the process to be followed in detail, ensuring a Quality of Excellence in all Parts.

Conquering New Worlds
After having affirmed ourselves in the Portuguese Market, we concluded that it was time to take DIN Wallets across borders. Through bold communication we were able to transmit all our values and made the DIN Wallets reach the four corners of the world.

Maintaining a Commitment
After all we have learned over the years, DIN Wallets’ great mission continues to focus on providing an Incredible Shopping Experience to all our Customers.

How about some Change?

Say goodbye to your Boring and Bulky Wallet, because DIN Wallets came to Revolutionize the way you Carry your Money!

Do you want something Really Special?

Create your Custom DIN Wallet

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Premium Quality
All pieces are Tested and Verified before being Shipped.

Satisfaction Guaranteed
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