“At DIN Wallets we are focused on getting a little bit of Nature in your Pocket!”

– Guilherme Nunes

DIN Wallets

We Create Meaningfull Goods with Hardwork and Fun

Who we Are?

DIN Wallets was born in Ponte de Lima, the oldest village in Portugal. The creation of this product was motivated by a personal need from our founder, Guilherme Nunes. He was always breaking his cards and, has a Designer, just couldn’t let it go!

What We Do?

Our main goal was to create a different concept of wallet that featured all the safety of a usual wallet, or even better. A Wallet that would keep your cards safe from slipping and breaking!

How We Do It?

In order to achieve it, we mix the wood’s finest grains and patterns with a minimalist design, keeping it beautiful and simple. Taking advantage from the wood’s resistance, which combined with the specific size and hardness of the rubber band, we are able to deliver the safety aspect we wanted.

Why We Do It?

From sketches and prototypes to the products we have now, it has been a hell of a ride! A road full of joy and happiness where every day brings a new challenge, new things to learn and new people to connect with.

Do You want to know our Story?


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