A Different

For a Unique Man!

How do they Work?

We dared to go even further and create a Minimalist Wallet, where you can take up to 8 Cards and some Notes in a Slim and Safe way. You won’t even notice her in the Pocket!


What makes us Special?

We’ve dedicated a big part of our lifes to the creation of Unique Objects. The Passion we have Every Detail is, without a doubt, what makes DIN Wallets a Product of Excellence


“... in addition to the Design and Functionality, it is Light and Different from traditional Wallets ...”

Miguel Póvoa

“Excellent Service and Product. Minimalist but well done for the demands! Congratulations!”

Diana de Araújo

“Flawless and Quality Work. Super fast Shipping. ”

Amaro Cró

“Packaging very well presented. The product is very Practical and with a Simple, Beautiful and Elegant Design! ”

Lúcio Viralhadas

“I have had a good experience with your Wallet. Super Functional, Resistant and doesn't bother you in your pocket. ”

Ricardo Menezes

How about some Change?

Say goodbye to your Boring and Bulky Wallet, because DIN Wallets came to Revolutionize the way you Carry your Money!

Do you want something Really Special?

Create your Custom DIN Wallet

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